Yokohama Tyre Australia is the seventh biggest tyre company in the world providing superior quality passenger tyres, 4WD & SUV tyres, Advan wheels, commercial tyres, UTE, Van and LT tyres. The brand is known for its high-grade tyres that offer an enhanced driving experience without having to worry about safety. Yokohama Tyres utilizes cutting-edge production technology to provide high performance, safe and dependable tyres.

At East Coast Safety Certificate, we have always been at the forefront of serving the automobile needs of our customers in the best possible way, and we are proud to bring the Yokohama range of tyres to those who are discerning about tyres.

44WD and SUV tyres

As a world-renowned company, Yokohama Tyres prides itself with professionals that understand what you need from your 4WD and SUV vehicles better than anyone. 4WD vehicles are popular for offering pro-driving control to the driver

especially in situations where the driving needs to match with changing quality of the road. For 4WD and SUV vehicles to function at their best, they need tyres that are of top-notch quality and reliable, offer great traction and performance on a variety of road conditions. As a company that is always up to date with the latest developments in tyres and their functionality, Yokohama can provide top-of-the-line tyres for your 4WD & SUV vehicles.

    Passenger tyres

    Trusted by millions around the world, Yokohama Tyres is the perfect choice when it comes to choosing passenger tyres for your vehicles. The sole purpose of passenger tyres is to provide safety, comfort and a smooth driving experience to civilians that use vehicles for local everyday travel like going to work, escaping from traffic, driving children to school and more. Yokohama Tyres recognized the trust customers have in their tyres and thus, ensure that the creation of their tyres is done by the best quality material and cutting-edge methods. They are a smart choice for a safe and convenient driving experience on a regular basis.

    Truck tyres

    Carrying a heavy load on a truck from one place to another is a task that requires many safety protocols and precautions. Yokohama truck tyres are well-tested, and suitable for long-distance and short-distance trips, long hauls, regional trips and more. In short, Yokohama’s truck tyres make sure that passengers and other cargo stay as safe as possible.

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