Whats The Difference Between Basic And Logbook Services?


service you require can be tricky; let us take the confusion out of Basic and Logbook Servicing.

When booking your car in for a service you will be asked if you require a basic or Logbook Service.

Basic Car Service

Not to get confused, minor and basic services are both the same. Both services require the replacing of engine oil and oil filter.

Whilst you may book a basic or minor service, here at East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates and most reputable mechanics will also conduct under car and under bonnet checks at the same time. These checks will cover but are not limited to fluids, tyres, brakes, lights, windscreen, wipers, wiper blades, body structure, oil leaks and suspension.

Logbook Service

All Cars will have a logbook when sold new.

In the logbook there will be a series of services required to maintain the maximum efficiency of the vehicle as recommended by the car’s manufacturer at time or kilometre intervals.

The requirements of the logbook service as listed by the manufacturer will vary dependant on the make and model of the car.

The time or kilometre period required for logbook servicing can vary however it is good practice to service your vehicle every 10,000 kilometres to ensure peak performance whist also reducing the risk of breakdown and premature engine wear.

Service Recommendation

If you are not sure what service is due for your car or you can’t find your logbook, we have an online system that can tell us exactly what your vehicle requires so please call us on 1800 792 001.

We have mobile mechanics covering South East Queensland and can quote your logbook or minor service the same day at a place convenient to you and keep you moving.



If you do not have your logbook and you would like to know if you require a minor/basic service or a major service it is best we give you an overview of the differences.

Minor Service

A minor or basic service can be part of your logbook service or it could apply outside of your logbook requirement and simply be part of your vehicle maintenance.

Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to servicing your vehicle, every 10,000klms keeps your car running smoothly and reduces engine wear.

Basic Service

A basic service or minor service involves the replacement of oil and oil filter.

If the service falls outside the logbook service booklet a basic service is the initial starting point to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

At the time of the basic service, most reputable mechanics will perform a comprehensive check on fluids, wipers and wiper blades, tyres, lights, indicators, oil leaks, battery and suspension.

Interim Service

An interim service is conducted between a logbook service and is normally conducted for older cars with high kilometres to maximise engine life.

Interim services might also be conducted for performance cars that may have run at high temperatures.

Confused? Don’t be as we can assist you with all your logbook, minor and major servicing as we have mobile mechanics throughout South East Queensland.

It is important to note that minor and major services are part of your logbook service schedule. It is extremely important that you do not miss these services, or you will eventually find you require costly repairs.

Major Service

Major services will most definitely cover many other areas of vehicle performance and are expensive. However missing services because you feel you are saving money is a false positive.

Major services may include replacing spark plugscabin filterfuel filterstiming belts etc.

Logbook Service

Logbook servicing either minor or major, are designed to maintain the performance of the vehicle for the maximum period and are recommended by the manufacture.

When selling the car, the buyer will almost always request service history and those sellers who have an up to date signed logbook will sell their car quicker and for a higher value.

This is all dependent on the manufacture’s logbook recommendations and how many km’s a car has done.

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