Superior quality tyres for all brands

Created with the promise of safety and improved vehicle performance

As professionals, we both academically and practically understand the role a good-quality tyre plays in the performance of any vehicle. Apropos of that, our experts at East Coast Safety Certificate thoroughly evaluate many brands and their companies to make a smart list of some of the best and highly recognized tyre providers in the world. It allows us to make things easy for you when you decide to go through different and reliable tyre brands provided by us.

How do we do it?

1.Legitimacy & Originality

  • First of all, our experts study the legal aspects of any tyre company.
  • When was it founded? Where was it founded? When did it become a proper tyre company? Does it conform to global safety standards? How many satisfied customers does the company have? How do they ensure the originality of their products and services?
  • Our experts go through all these factors and then, we continue with the next step of our evaluation.


  • The second thing we go through is the inspection of good or bad quality of the tyres.
  • What material and methods are used in the production of tyres provided by the company? How dothese materials and methods contribute to the quality of the tyres? Does the company provide superior-quality tyre models?

Our experts make sure that the list of brands we provide to you are brands that offer only the best quality tyres for many different vehicles

Brands We Work With



    • Once we know the quality of the product, we find out whether the tyres are tested in their respective fields and how they perform. By doing this, we understand the level of safety the tyre can provide for you and your vehicle.
    • Our experts also do extensive research to confirm the safety standards of the tyre companies.
    • All the tyre brands that we present to you provide safety and driving convenience. We make sure of it.


    • Last but not the least, we make sure that the tyre company has thoroughly examined the durability and resilience of their tyres, as these are key facets of quality tyres.
    • We also take into account the experience of regular customers with the company’s various tyre models. It allows us to create a recommended list of tyre brands for you.

    At East Coast Safety Certificate, we do our best to bring to you the reliable tyre brands that provide superior quality products and satisfactory customer service. To find out which brands we have for you, go through our website and learn exciting things about the tyre companies provided by us.

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