The Importance of Not Skipping a Car Service

Sadly over 1500 people a year are killed on Australian roads, and many times more are seriously injured. Driving a car can be one of the most dangerous activities you can do as a licenced driver. Many accidents can be avoided of course by following the rules as set down by the state and national governments.

Other Simple things can greatly assist you stay safe on the roads like:

Whilst learning to drive, book into one of the many driving courses offered around the country. I am not just talking about a driving lesson, I am talking about Defensive Driving Courses like

Having completed the course twice, I would highly recommend people of all ages to do this or a similar course. There are a lot of things your parents cannot teach you that will be invaluable through this sort of course.

I drove a car all over NSW and Queensland for my work for many years and thought I was a pretty good driver until I completed the course with Ian and the team. Simple things like setting your side and revision mirrors properly just blew me away about how ill prepared I was driving on the road. My parents and others would always talk about the blind spot in the car. The only reason there can be a blind spot is because your mirrors are set wrong. You don’t see Craig Lowndes looking over his shoulder to change lanes or to merge from the pits, that’s because the car is set up correctly.

Ideal seating distance from the steering wheel, seat height, hand position on the wheel, both side and revision mirrors set correctly etc. are crucial when being taught to drive a car on our roads. Get this correct will stop changing lanes on people, stop you taking your eyes off the road to look over your shoulder to change lanes or reversing. These are just the simple set up techniques that need to be taught from day one to keep people safe on our roads.

Whilst you are learning how to set yourself up to drive safely you should also be taught how to keep your vehicle maintained and safe. You see formula one teams that set their car up incorrectly or select the wrong tyres or choose not to replace tyres at the right time and then spin off, have an accident or simply not finish the race.

A well-maintained safe car is crucial for any driver on the road. Vehicles today are highly sophisticated and have many safety components built into them that must be checked and maintained.

Tyres and suspension are a perfect example. If you don’t have your car serviced regularly you may miss the fact that

  • you are running too low a pressure in your tyres or
  • they are scrubbing out unevenly,
  • or have gone past the legal tread depth of 1.5mm.
  • your tyres have scalloped tread wear indicating you have worn shocks which need to be replaced.

Both areas are crucial to the performance of the car and not even the best driver or the best computer system in the car can compensate for poorly maintained vehicles.

There is another safety factor to consider for vehicles that have skipped their service and that is the cost and safety aspects of vehicle breakdowns. It is not safe for anyone to be broken down on the side of the road in familiar surrounds or not. Apart from unfriendly people out there you also run the risk of other cars running into you whilst you are waiting for a tow. Safety should be the primary concern for every car owner, and a breakdown can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. When a car is poorly maintained, a breakdown is far more likely, and it could happen anywhere at any time.

Regular car servicing is peace of mind, that your vehicle will respond the way it should when you need it to.

Regular Car Servicing

Is not expensive and would normally only cost you the equivalent of two tanks of fuel or one dinner out with your partner or friend. However, skipping services is a false economy. If you allow crucial parts of your car to wear, it has a flow on effect to other parts. The next thing you know you are broken down and in need of thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs plus the inconvenience of not having a vehicle for some time whilst you have repairs done.

Regular car servicing with an experienced mechanic who takes the time to check over the vehicle properly who will conduct sensible preventative maintenance on your vehicle. This will catch issues when they are small rather than when they are major issues and more expensive.

Regular Car Servicing is about maintenance. If you have your car serviced regularly there should not be any major repair costs for well over 100,000klms as all parts are maintained at an optimal performance level. It is only when you skip car services that parts wear rapidly due to worn bushes, low oil or lubricant levels etc.

Regular Servicing Extends the Life of Your Car

Keeping on top of your car servicing requirements is simple and something that anyone can do. Your car should have a service manual that lists all the service schedules and work required. It is important that the mechanic follows this and signs the book off as a completed service before you pick up and pay for the car.

Service reminder stickers are placed on the top right of your windscreen with the next service date and odometer reading.

Reduces the Resale Value of the Car

If you are buying a car this is a major component of a pre-purchase inspection check. If there is no service history with the car, it should and does get a big cross X from my inspectors. With no history, you have no way of telling how much internal wear there is on the motor without pulling it apart. When you are reselling the car the logbook and service history can make or break the sale and normally breaks the deal or drastically reduces the sale value of the car.

Skipping Car Servicing Costs, you Money

Whether you think your car is running fine and does not need a service or you don’t have any plans on selling the car anytime soon, skipping car servicing is a costly mistake.

Maintenance is cheaper than repairs, cause less stress, won’t leave you broken down on the side of the road and maintains your resale value when it comes to selling.

Safe & Happy Driving from the Team at

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