I used East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates twice previously to gain a road worthy certificate for my 2009 Toyota Hilux SR5 model and on both occasions the mechanics were very professional and friendly and I really appreciated them explaining any questions I may have had at the time. This week I decided to give them a go for a basic service on my Hilux and Shanty was really thorough and explained all the processes he goes through to check and make sure that all is in order under the bonnet and underneath the truck. For $220.00 the basic service included an oil change and then on top of that two filters needed replacing one being the pollen filter for the air conditioner in behind the glove box and the second was to replace the fuel filter as it is a turbo diesel model the last mechanic who worked on the car back in March mentioned a slight carbon issue and Shanty advised it could be because of the fuel quality and after removing the old filter it was clear it needed replacing and he explained to always try and use the best available diesel fuel and recommended BP Ultimate Diesel and to try and change the fuel filter at least every 20 000kms to reduce the carbon build up. Shanty took my truck for a test drive and checked the brakes response time and then gave all four tyres a good look over and mentioned they still had another 40 000 kms of tread left and just to make sure you check the pressures every now and then. I really appreciated Shanty’s professional approach and he really went out of his way to make sure that everything was in order and when I had an question after the fact he rang me back and explained what exactly I needed to know on a particular issue. I would definitely recommend East Coast Mobile Mechanics 🧰 and was quite amazed that the little van had all the tools and replacement parts needed to carry out a minor service. Also they stamp your log book and are licensed to do so this is a bonus and you don’t have to drive your car to a mechanics shop to carry out a service. Shanty was a great example of an honest and reliable mechanic and I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends as an alternative to the normal workshop mechanic as they come to your home and work on your car when it best suits you and it feels like a more personal experience. I am very happy with the services provided and the price is very competitive.

Matthew, Underwood Nov 2019

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