Suspension Issues Made Simple

Your car is not a trampoline

Why do cars have Springs and Shock absorbers, don’t they do the same thing? To simplify the role of your suspension we need to understand the functions of the vehicles suspension components.

We need to picture both coil springs and Struts or (shock absorbers) and their function separately, and then how they work together.

If you remember the pogo stick that you used to jump around on as a kid, where the spring took the shock of the landing and bounced you back up with little control. Coil springs on vehicles have a similar function when you hit a pothole or go over speed bumps and the like. They are there to dampen the impact of the variation in the roads surface. However, if the car was fitted with springs alone the car would bounce all over the road at every dip or bump. Shock absorbers are there to control the recoil of the springs and keep the tyres on the road as much as possible. If the springs or struts are not functioning together due to worn or broken components the wheels and tyres will bounce down the road. This causes uneven wear on tyres also known as scalloping formed more noticeably on the inner and outer edges.

If you are unsure please call East Coast Mobile and we will send one of our experienced Mobile Mechanics out to diagnose and provide the best solution.

Does your head hit the steering wheel when Braking?

If you and your passengers need to brace themselves against headbutting the dash every time you hit the brakes, is another sign that your suspension components need replacing. As mentioned earlier, the spring cushion bumps, the shocks and struts hold the tyre to the road or in reverse, stop the car from nose diving when you apply the brakes.

Properly working suspension components have the same benefit when cornering. The struts keep your car steady when going around corners the same way they stop the car from nose diving when braking.

Hopefully we are painting a picture here, so you understand the importance of properly working suspension components. Think of the impact poor suspension will have in an emergency.

Our mobile Mechanics are highly experience and can replace worn shocks at your home or work, so you and your family can travel in safety.

Does your side mirror almost hit the ground when cornering?

Whilst it maybe a funny analogy I can recall feeling that this could happen in some cars I have driven.

Consider emergency situations where you need to swerve quickly to avoid an obstacle on the road like an animal or an accident. If your suspension is worn, your reaction could result in losing control of your vehicle.

At East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates our experienced Mobile Mechanics can assess your vehicle and have one of our technicians replace worn parts at a time and location that suits you.

Bang, Clunk and Squeak

Another sign that your suspension needs attention is unusual sounds coming from underneath the vehicle. As suspension components wear over time, you may start to hear sounds of metal on metal as you go over bumps or in potholes. Sounds of metal on metal from any area of your car is not a good sign. All components of the car these days are protected by rubber bushes or protector strips. So, any unusual sounds coming from underneath your car should set off alarm bells that it needs to be checked out.

All these are signs that you need to give our friendly mobile mechanics a call and we will assist you to get your car safe and back on the road.

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