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At East Coast, we deliver a quality of service like no other. With 15 years experience in the business we only employ qualified and experienced mechanics who use quality parts to ensure the best performance possible for your vehicle. And all with the convenience at a time and location to suit you.

We use the best quality spare parts and oils because we know, time spent off the road means time and money.  And unlike some media reports, this can often be carried out without voiding of your warranty.

Our Log Book Services ensure you car is kept in good working order and covers a variety of makes and models including European, Japanese, Australian and US.

We also offer pre-holiday checks for your car, caravan and trailers.

Two service levels to choose from

Standard service

  • Change of engine oil, and oil filter,
  • Check fuel filter and air filter
  • Check belts and brake system including park brake and lights
  • Check tyre pressure and treads
  • Check fuel system, gearbox and transmission
  • Check suspension
  • Check water and wiper blades along with all other fluids including battery, brake, clutch, power steering and radiator
  • General safety check

Premium Service

  • Change of engine oil, and oil filter,
  • Check fuel filter and air filter – replace air filter if necessary
  • Check and replace pollen filter.
  • Check belts and brake system including park brake and lights
  • Check tyre pressure and treads
  • Check fuel system, gearbox and transmission
  • Check suspension
  • Check and top up all fluids including battery, brake, clutch, power steering and radiator
  • Check and replace wiper blades
  • General safety check

Get your Vehicle’s Log Book Servicing Done Hassle Free with East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates

Servicing vehicles is a must for every vehicle owner. However, logbook servicing follows the manufacturers requirements to maintain optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle. Among vehicle servicing standards, log book servicing plays an important part. This signifies the servicing of a vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer specifications Service intervals are measured either by a kilometer reading or specific dates i.e 3 months or 2 months etc. This involves the checking and or replacing of specific parts of the vehicle, checking fluids, brakes, spark plugs, coolant, filters etc. For those who are unaware of what log book servicing is all about and why it helps, here is something to help you get a better understanding of the process.

    What is a log book all about?

    A log book is a guide that is provided by the manufacturers of a vehicle to help keep a check on recommended servicing requirements, this works as an excellent assistance of sorts for mechanics to understand exactly what needs their attention and how frequently. Apart from being a guide, it also helps keep a track of what services have already been performed on the vehicle and what remains. By following the log book service schedule, you can maintain the resale value and warranty of your vehicle as well as extend the vehicle’s life.

    Who can stamp log books?

    Whilst manufacturers try to steer you back to the relevant car franchise dealerships, East Coast Mobile Mechanics are also qualified and capable of stamping logbooks in order to keep your new car warranty intact. At East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates, we ensure that your vehicles are serviced as scheduled based on the log books issued, enhancing and maintaining the value of your vehicle by reducing potentially expensive repairs.

    How does a stamped log book help?

    A stamped log book is proof that the vehicle in question is well-maintained. This works in enhancing the resale value of the vehicle. With a routinely stamped log book, buyers of the vehicle will know that the vehicle has been taken care of over the months / years and will find it easier to trust that the vehicle is, indeed, in a good condition. The proof of log book servicing will certainly stand as a better testament than word of mouth.

    What to do if you lose a log book?

    Having your log book replaced may not be easy. However, we can advise you on what can be done to get another appropriate log book in its place.

    Why choose us for log book servicing in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Queensland?

    East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates holds a reputation of doing their best to take care of our customers and their vehicles. With experienced and friendly staff onboard that know their job only too well, the outcome of every job taken is excellent and our customer testimonies say it all. Apart from general servicing and repairs are highly trained to conduct manufacturer log book servicing for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

    We Also Service Medium Truck As Well.

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