Front or Rear Brake Pad Replacement from $169

Maintaining your brakes is one of the most important safety components of any vehicle.
Having your brakes checked regularly is key and helps prevent expensive repairs if left unchecked.
The most serious result of not maintaining your brakes is collision and no one wants to be involved in an incident. Call our experienced team in case you come across any of signs mentioned below.

1. Vibrating Brake Pedal

When applying foot pressure to the pedal you feel a vibration or a pulsation.

2. The Brakes Make a Clicking Sound

When applying the breaks you can hear a clicking sound. This is an indicator your brake pads need replacing and quick action is important.

3. The Brakes Make a Screeching or Squealing Sound

Again when applying the brake pedal the brakes make a loud or high pitched squealing sound. As well as being annoying to you and other around you, it is a sign your brakes need attention.

4. The Breaks Make a Grinding Sound

This is the issue that most people notice as you can feel the grinding through the pedal when compressed as well as hear it.
Unfortunately when you notice this it can be too late and a more expensive repair like machining rotors or replacing them.

5. The Car Pulling to One Side

Although there can be many reasons why the car can pull to one side when driving and braking for example a poor wheel alignment. However another reason can be that the brake pads require replacing.

At East Coast Mobile, we recommend and use Bendix Brake Pads. Bendix are the leading supplier of Braking components in Australia and are backed by a full manufactures replacement warranty.

When did you last have your breaks check and is your car experiencing any of the 5 signs listed above? If the answer is yes, please give us a call and we will have one of our mobile team come to you and make sure your car is safe.

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