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Getting your car battery tested as part of your vehicle service or just as a precaution before heading off on a road trip, can save you time, stress and money.

East Coast now offers service and replacement of batteries at a time and location convenient to you by our qualified team of mobile mechanics. What could be easier?

A full range of automotive batteries available with a 24 to 36 months warranty. Convenient & reliable, at your door.

If it is not your battery & it is your charging system, don’t stress. The team at East Coast are experienced in checking & replacing alternators & starter motors as well. Call today.

Do you need a battery replacement?

Reasons you might need a battery test or replacement;

  1. No engine noise when turning the key to start the car
  2. Engine not turning over
  3. Charging light is on
  4. Ticking noise when turning the key

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