Expert AC regassing for your car

Your car’s air conditioning system can really make a difference in how pleasant and comfortable your ride is, by keeping the inside temperature ideal and by keeping out pollutants. If your system starts giving out a draft of heated / warm air instead of ice cold air at the minimum temperature, it might be that you require a car aircon regas, or an air con regcharge. While uncommon, this is not unheard of, as some car air conditioning systems can lose upto 10% refrigerant every year due to system leakage, which can reduce the overall efficacy of cooling. But apart from the temperature discomfort, this could also impact your car’s fuel efficiency and could result in harmful emissions. This can be avoided with regular maintenance and aircon regassing.

As a company committed to enhancing the driving experience in different ways, East Coast Safety Certificate offers mobile air con regassing services, to replenish for the lost refrigerant and keep your cooling system in top working condition.

Our approach towards air con regassing

As part of our regassing of car air conditioning, we also take care of other aspects of your system, such as checking for system faults that might need to be rectified, before we start off our work. In case it is just a regular refrigerant leak, we proceed with the car air conditioning regas, as per our standard process as under:

  • Vacuuming the system to eradicate excess air and moisture, so as to keep the AC working well for longer
  • Removing the old refrigerant, and replacing it with new refrigerant, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended levels for your car type and model
  • Recharging system oil, if need be
  • Finishing with a detailed check for any remaining leakage
  • Testing temperature performance

    The importance of regassing aircon regularly

    Most car manufacturers recommend regassing once every two years. However, this can often be missed as this is not a standard procedure in a routine servicing. And if this happens, then it could result in not only an ineffective cooling performance, but also higher fuel usage, or difficulty in demisting your windshield during winter. In the worst case scenario, it could also cause related damage to your car AC, something which can be easily avoided with regular maintenance and regassing.

    Here is why you should choose us

    There are also those who prefer to go the DIY way, and do their car aircon regas themselves. However, without the right equipment and tools, you might not be able to do a perfect job. East Coast Safety Certificate has experienced technicians, who are knowledgeable of all the details required for optimal air con performance. Our team takes care to replenish the exact amount of refrigerant gas as required by your car model – not more, not less. This can help your system working flawlessly over the longer run, and can even help save you money.

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