Superior quality tyres for all brands Created with the promise of safety and improved vehicle performance As professionals, we both academically and practically understand the role a good-quality tyre plays in the performance of any vehicle. Apropos of that, our experts at East Coast Safety Certificate thoroughly evaluate many brands and their companies to make [...] READ MORE
Expert AC regassing for your car Your car’s air conditioning system can really make a difference in how pleasant and comfortable your ride is, by keeping the inside temperature ideal and by keeping out pollutants. If your system starts giving out a draft of heated / warm air instead of ice cold air at the [...] READ MORE
Yokohama Tyre Australia is the seventh biggest tyre company in the world providing superior quality passenger tyres, 4WD & SUV tyres, Advan wheels, commercial tyres, UTE, Van and LT tyres. The brand is known for its high-grade tyres that offer an enhanced driving experience without having to worry about safety. Yokohama Tyres utilizes cutting-edge production [...] READ MORE
Move confidently on Toyo Tires At East Coast Safety Certificate, our obsession with offering you the best of the best has led to presenting you with high-quality tyres by Toyo. Created by experts that understand the importance of well-controlled mobility on the road and the safety it requires. The promise of convenient driving experience and [...] READ MORE
With Minerva Tyres, you ride with class At East Coast Safety Certificate, we have many renowned tyre companies that are valued and respected by our experts. One of those esteemed companies is Minerva tyres, given life by another company that had been in a similar business since 1897. The ancestral founders of the company achieved [...] READ MORE
Bring out the pro-driver in you with Maxxis tyres At East Coast Safety Certificate, we do our best to provide you with professional and experienced tyre brands that always value safety and your need for a convenient driving experience. Maxxis Tyres has been thriving in the business for 50 years and providing premium-quality tyres in [...] READ MORE

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