Safety Certificate Inspections & Truck Certificates of Inspections


East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates specialise in Truck or Heavy Vehicle inspections. Our staff are qualified to conduct Certificate of Inspections for heavy vehicles and heavy trailers as well as Safety Certificates for cars, motorbikes and light trailers.

A Heavy Vehicle is any vehicle over 4.5 tonne whereas a Heavy Trailer is any trailer over 3.5tonne.

In order to become a heavy vehicle inspector our staff are required to be highly qualified and experienced working on and inspecting heavy vehicles (Trucks, Motorhomes & Heavy Trailers) and hold a Heavy Vehicle QLD License.

As you can appreciate, vehicles with a GVM over 4.5 tonne need particular attention due to their size.  Queensland Transport are very concerned about the roadworthiness of Trucks and Heavy Vehicles as the lack of proper inspections could have a catastrophic outcome if a part failure were to occur on a freeway.

Being an approved Safety Certificate company, we have inspected some horrific vehicles that require a heavy vehicle safety certificate. Trucks are presented to us that have serious rust issues, broken suspension, worn tyres with wire hanging out and no tread whatsoever. Cabins falling apart, seats broken, and windscreens cracked as a few examples.

It is the law that Cars, Motorbikes, Trailers, Caravans require Safety Certificates before you can list them for sale in Queensland. In order to sell a heavy vehicle in Queensland you need a current Certificate of inspection (COI). You can however sell a heavy vehicle unregistered; a Certificate of inspection will be required when the purchaser wishes to register the vehicle as well as a HVRAS Certificate. At that point it must meet the National Heavy Vehicle Standards as set out under the code of practice.

We provide both Safety Certificate Inspections for cars, bikes, trailers, caravans and motorbikes as well as Certificate of Inspections (COI’s) for heavy vehicles, Heavy trailers, Tow Trucks, Limousines, Taxis, Uber, and some special use vehicles.

Registered Heavy Vehicles over 16 Tonne will be required to go to Queensland Transport to have the Certificate of Inspection completed. Unregistered Heavy Vehicles and Trailers can be completed by approved and qualified Heavy Vehicle Inspectors and Authorise Inspection Stations that have Heavy Vehicle Facilities.

At East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates, we not only have the facilities to cater for Heavy Vehicle Certificate of Inspections, we have numerous highly experienced staff to cater for all your Safety Certificate, Roadworthy and Heavy Vehicle Certificate of Inspection requirements.

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