Pre-Purchase Inspections a Must for all Buyers

We are receiving more and more inquiries about the benefits of pre-purchase Inspections.

Not everyone understands that for a small outlay it could save you thousands of dollars when you are thinking of buying a car, truck or motorbike.

We recently had a customer from interstate call us to ask what was involved in the pre-purchase inspection process, and the cost involved. We explained that it involved a comprehensive check of the vehicle as per the list on our website. We also provide a detailed photographic report highlighting any areas of concern. At the conclusion of the inspection the mechanic is available to take the customer through the report and answer any questions they may have.

The customer agreed to have us proceed with the inspection and he was very glad he did. We spent considerable time checking and photographing the vehicle that was being sold by an amateur mechanic/panel beater.

  • Scratches and dents all around the car.
  • Radiator is damaged and bent
  • Condenser bracket is missing
  • Engine has stains all over due to rust and oil leaks.
  • Signs of rust all around the car and engine bay sprayed black recently to hide leaks and rust.
  • Rear brake pads need replacing at next service
  • Interior is in poor condition, has scratches all around
  • LH park light bulb not operating
  • Tyres are noisy
  • Seats has some damage due to cigarette ash

Throughout the Pre-purchase inspection the seller was pushing our inspector to change the inspection details so the buyer would buy the car. The seller rang the office direct that night to get a hold off the inspection so that he could push to make it favourable yet again. We explained to him that the inspection was booked and paid for by the potential buyer and that it was the buyer’s property which we would not share nor change.

We took 32 photos of the issues and sent them to the potential buyer. Our Mechanic/Inspector talked through his report, which the potential buyer could clearly see that the vehicle was an absolute lemon. Without doubt the vehicle would have cost thousands of dollars to be made safe and presentable.

The potential purchaser was so grateful they sent us a wonderful text to us at East Cost Mobile Safety Certificates for saving him from a dodgy seller. We also received a 5 star google rating from him as well.

We cannot over state the need for a pre-purchase inspection by an experienced company on all used Trucks, Cars and motorbikes. Our examiners have decades of experience and most have owned and or run their own successful mechanical businesses. So, when you are thinking about buying a used car, go to the trouble of getting the pre-purchase done to give you piece of mind and save you thousands of dollars.

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