Opt For A Reliable Pre Purchase Inspection At Brisbane, Queensland, and Gold Coast

Not sure whether the car you are purchasing is in a safe and mechanically sound condition? Here is where a pre purchase inspection is a must to ensure you purchase a car that is not going to cost you a small fortune in repairs.

Our pre purchase inspections are performed by highly experienced mechanics who check in detail the detail you are looking at purchasing. After the inspection, a detailed written and photographic report of the vehicle’s condition is provided which states its overall health. At anytime after the Pre-purchase inspection our skilled and experience technicians are available to discuss their findings and give their recommendations. This exercise can also be conducted for a motorbike, caravan, truck, trailer or a horsefloat. It is best to rely on the results of pre-purchase inspection before investing in a vehicle. All our inspections are carried out by qualified professionals. The experienced mechanics at East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates are known for their detailed eye and keen observation skills. The detailed report submitted at the end of the inspection will help you negotiate a better deal too!

Reasons why pre purchase inspection is a benefit for all your vehicle purchases

In several cases, individuals have ditched the pre-purchase inspections citing time constraints and lack of know-how about the overall process. At East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates, we provide you with an on-site pre purchase inspection. Here are the reasons why a pre purchase inspection in Brisbane, Queensland and Gold Coast is advantageous.

An unbiased report of the vehicle

After the pre purchase inspection, we provide the buyer with a detailed and unbiased report. Be it a new vehicle or a second-hand purchase, all our checks are conducted with the same focus. Right from the external condition of the vehicle to its potential underlying issues, everything is tested by our professionals.

Expert opinion helps you choose better

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to analysing the condition of a vehicle. A pre purchase inspection report will give you a thorough picture of the vehicle. The report will also help you know whether the investment is worth it! You are able to make an informed decision after the detailed check.

Know if the vehicle needs any repairs

Many times, buyers fail to recognise the vehicle’s damaged condition because it is altered in some other way. With the help of pre purchase inspection, you will know if the vehicle is safe and reliable for future use and whether it needs any serious repairs or servicing. In many cases, the vehicle appears to be fine because the issue is not easily noticeable, and that’s when pre purchase inspections prove to be saviours.

For people who are unaware of what is included in a pre-purchase inspection, here is a brief list of key components which form a part of this detailed inspection.

Tyres & Suspension

Tyres are an important component of the pre-purchase inspection as they are the only component that touches the road. Whilst most people think they are round black things, quality tyres can be a significant investment. Understanding the condition and quality of your tyres is important.

The suspension components are what connects the tyres to the ground and worn components have a significant impact on the car’s performance and handling. During the pre-purchase inspection our inspectors conduct a thorough examination of all suspension components.

Dashboard Instruments

A dashboard instruments, gauges and indicators are checked including speedometer, warning lights, Airbags and temperature gauges. This says a lot about the vehicle’s overall condition. If at all there are any warning lights, the mechanic checks for its rectification.

Level of engine oil and brake fluid

The efficiency of the vehicle can get affected due to the fluids. In the pre-purchase inspection process, the levels of engine oil and brake fluid are checked. This includes the quality and condition of the fluids as this can alert the inspector to issues and consistency of servicing, over heating issues and more. Additionally, the vehicle is also inspected for oil leaks that are evident or have been covered up.

Other than the stated, the inspection also focuses on vehicle aspects like the functioning of the brakes, the operation of the engine, the condition of the headlights, brake lights and signal lights and the exterior body.

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Please see a sample report attached for full detail on what the report covers.

Don’t buy a lemon, we inspect 000’s of vehicles every week. Get our comprehensive same day reports! Not sure whether the car you are purchasing is in a safe and mechanically sound condition? Here is where a pre purchase inspection is a must to ensure you purchase a car that is not going to cost [...] READ MORE

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