Moving to Queensland and Needing a Queensland Roadworthy Certificate?

If you are thinking of moving to Queensland and you are writing your” to do” list. One item on the list will most definitely be transferring your vehicle registration from whatever state or territory you are moving from to a Queensland registration.

Registering your Vehicle in Queensland is a little different than most other states.

When you get to Queensland and get settled in whatever part of the state you have chosen “Welcome”!

It is a Queensland Government requirement that after fourteen days of moving to Queensland that you transfer all vehicle registrations to Queensland registrations. Having moved from NSW ourselves, the process is quite simple and in our experience the costs were cheaper than NSW, as an example.

The first thing you will need when transferring your interstate registration to Queensland is a Queensland Roadworthy Certificate or as it is now known, a Queensland Safety Certificate.

A Queensland Roadworthy Certificate is a basic inspection of the roadworthiness of a vehicle as set out by the Queensland Department of Transport. To find out more about the requirements to pass a Queensland Roadworthy inspection please review the sample inspection form on our website and or visit the Queensland Department of Main Roads website

Why do I need a Queensland Roadworthy Certificate when I have recently had my vehicle inspected in another state and it passed there?

We provided a link earlier that gave the various vehicle registration requirements for each state and territory. As you can see in this link the continuity between each state and territory is poor. The Federal Government is trying to promote consistency across the country however Roadworthy Inspections and their requirements still remain different. A Queensland Roadworthy Certificate places a peg in the sand about the minimum vehicle safety standard required in this state. Once you have completed the Queensland Roadworthy Inspection, you are not required to have the inspection completed again for the life of the vehicle, no matter how poor the condition of the vehicle over that period (which is ridiculous) unless you which to sell or transfer the vehicle registration.

The exception to that rule are vehicles over 4.5 tonne which is classified as a (heavy vehicle) and will require a yearly inspection called a Certificate of Inspection (COI). Heavy vehicles will also require a HVRAS inspection when or measure up inspection when transferring from interstate and or who’s registration has lapsed.

How do I obtain A Queensland Roadworthy Certificate?

There are two options available to people looking to get a Queensland Roadworthy certificate.

  1. You take your vehicle or vehicles to an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) and wait around to have this completed OR
  2. You have a mobile Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) come to you.

Whilst the department of transport has lists of both on their website, the easiest thing to do is to Google Queensland Roadworthy certificates in your area and there should be a comprehensive list for you to choose from.

Once you have your Queensland Roadworthy Certificate, you will need to take the plates off the vehicle or vehicles you are transferring and head to your nearest Queensland Transport Office. I have found most staff to be friendly and very helpful when conducting these transactions and once you hand in your plates you will receive your new Queensland plates.

Be prepared and take a screwdriver with you and a few extra screws to attach your new Queensland plates.

When you pay for your Queensland registration you will also have a choice of third party insurers to choice from at reasonable rates. This takes the hassle out of dredging through insurers and tyring to understand the legal jargon of insurance policies.

Will I be Refunded for my unused interstate insurance?

When transferring from interstate you can apply for a refund of your interstate registration. You will need to take your interstate plates into Queensland Transport and complete the documents to have the remaining portion of your interstate registration refunded to you, which is a straight forward process.

Of Course, cars and trucks aren’t the only vehicles that are transferred from interstate. People often have other toys that they which to bring to the warmer state and boats and caravan feature heavily on the list of registered vehicles being transferred to Queensland.

Yes, if your boat trailer, jet ski trailer or caravan is over 750 kilo’s you will need to transfer the registration to Queensland registration within 14 days as well.

The process is exactly the same as transferring your car or truck. You will require a Queensland Roadworthy Certificate for each registered vehicle or trailer. A Queensland Mobile Authorised Inspection Company can do all these for you.

Happy and Safe Motoring in Queensland

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