Pre-Purchase Inspections Gold Coast

What is Involved With Pre-Purchase Inspections in the Gold Coast?

Before you put a car up for sale, you need to put it through pre-purchase inspections in the Gold Coast. These inspections are conducted by certified mechanics or inspectors and they follow a checklist provided by the government. This checklist will tell them the parts of the car to examine and what to look for, in order to determine if a car should pass or fail this inspection.

These pre-purchase inspections in the Gold Coast also involve a test drive by the inspector so they can ensure the car handles properly. The entire inspection usually lasts about an hour, perhaps just a bit more. If the car fails the inspection, the owner is given the checklist of items with notes as to areas of concern for the inspector. He or she may then address these concerns and bring the car back for another inspection after that.

Having pre-purchase inspections in the Gold Coast is not just about being compliant with the law, although this is obviously very important. As a seller you want to know that you’re selling a safe car, and as a buyer you want to know that a car you’re considering is safe and reliable and without major defect or in need of repair. Always look for the safety certificate that should be displayed in any car that is for sale, and examine it carefully to know that it’s updated and valid. This will protect both parties.

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