How do I get a Mobile Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate?

In Queensland and on trial in NSW, you can book your safety certificate or roadworthy certificate using a fixed workshop or mobile service. Either way you first need to ensure that the mechanic is a licensed AIS or Authorised Inspection Station.

Both fixed building and mobile inspection stations need to be approved by Queensland Transport.

However, when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, it pays to ask which company did the inspection and to give that company a call to see how long they have been in business, how many inspectors they have on the road etc. Not all Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate companies are the same and you need to make sure the inspection was conducted by a reputable company.

When booking a Safety Certificate, you can always check with Queensland Transport to see if the company has a good reputation. Once you are satisfied the Safety Certificate company is reputable you can either book online or ring the company.

Whilst booking online is convenient, it always pays to talk to the company you have chosen to ensure they have your best interests at heart and understand your circumstances.

If you are booking a Mobile Safety Certificate inspection you should also ask if they have a workshop as this is a requirement by Queensland Transport to ensure not just anyone can jump in a van and inspect your vehicle. This is true for trucks as well. Mobile Authorised inspection Stations are required to have the facilities to park a truck “undercover” in case repair work is required.

Be Aware

Unless a mobile Authorised Inspection Station has an operating workshop, where will they conduct repairs on any vehicle, they need re-inspected or repaired should an inspector miss something during the inspection OR if the seller has tampered with the car after the inspection. All these things can happen and reputable Safety Certificates/Roadworthy Certificate AIS approved locations have a significant commitment to their customers to ensure Safety Certificates are done correctly or if there is an issue that it is rectified ASAP.

Once you have conducted your checks and have booked with a company, the process should be straight forward. The technician will ring you when he is heading to your vehicle so you are aware of his arrival and can also plan your day.

Fixed Building AIS locations are somewhat the same only that you will need to drop the vehicle and pick it up after the inspection.


When buy a vehicle, make sure the inspection was done by a reputable Safety Certificate company.

  • Ensure they have a workshop should they vehicle require any repairs.
  • Check the AIS company’s years in operation
  • It is preferable to ring and book to ensure the Safety Certificate company and inspector are aware of your circumstances.

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