Have your Tyres Changed whilst you at work, It’s Simple!


Having your tyres changed has never been so easy and convenient. Experienced Mobile tyre services today are equipped with everything in the van that a modern tyre store has.

Bringing a Modern Tyre Store to You

The Vans are equipped with the latest tyre fitting machines, balancers and wheel alignment machines that can literally bring the tyre service to you. There is no longer a need to go to tyre stores and wait to have your car join the que to have your tyres replaced.

For many years we have all got used to booking your vehicle in at the local tyre dealer. Most people still do this as they have got into that habit or have been brainwashed by marketing that the big chains are the only place to get a good deal and to have the tyres fitted properly. The big players are part of major franchises charging their franchisees up to 16% on sales going back to the franchisor. Franchisors also insist that the franchise building locations are in premium retail locations, costing the franchisee hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in rent and outgoings. With these overheads the franchisee must maintain reasonable margins to pay their bills or starve.

A Low-Cost Convenient Service to your Work or Home

Mobile tyre services offer a lower cost alternative that simply is more convenient for the purchaser and still is as cost effective as the bigger players. The major difference of course is that we bring our tyre shop to you. Not all people are currently aware of this, or completely trust the mobile tyre business can provide the professionalism, products, accuracy or physical ability and equipment to deliver the same service that the tyre stores can. WRONG!

Today’s modern professional mobile tyre service has invested in all the latest fitting, balancing and alignment equipment. The more experienced groups offer a mobile tyre service that can supply fit and balance tyres from a wheelbarrow to an earth moving tyre. How is that possible you ask? Not only do the more experienced mobile tyre services invest in the latest equipment, they also invest in the most experienced staff that have years of knowledge in all sorts of tyre fitment applications. Our team can fit truck tyres, bus tyres, agricultural and tyres to the simplest car and trailer all at a convenient location and time suitable to our customers.

Can You Put a Price on Your Personal Time?

Working long hours and don’t have time to get down to the local tyre store? Don’t want to spend your non-working hours researching tyres and sitting at a tyre store to try and hopefully save $5 a tyre?

How much is your personal non-working time worth to you? How long did it take last time you went to have tyres fitted at a tyre store? You not only need to consider the time sitting at the tyre store whilst you wait in line to have your tyres fitted. You need to consider, getting ready to go there and reorganising your day around going to the store and a contingency should it take longer than anticipated. How long does it take to drive and park? How long is the return trip? What will you miss during the day? For me if I was to do this of a typical Saturday morning, I would possibly miss my gym session with my wife and eldest daughter, leave my wife having to take my daughter to dance lessons and my other daughter to tutoring and then the reverse pickups. Leaving my middle daughter alone at home till after lunch or taking her with me to the tyre store (I don’t think so). I don’t need to do this anymore, I can simply go online to my mobile tyre business, select the tyre and price I need, book or request a date, time and location and have the time shop come to me and have my tyres fitted  at work, home or whilst I go on patrol at the surf club, have a game of gold or simply stay at home and have a BBQ with friends and family. My personal time is worth much more to me than to waste it unnecessarily driving to, sitting around and driving back from a tyre store.

Mobile Tyre Services Save Companies $000’s

The same can be said for businesses. How much are your staff being paid to run cars to tyre stores to have tyres fitted. How long are they sitting around waiting and then running cars back. Consider all the wasted non-productive hours multiplied across your fleet and your staff, then work out what it is costing your company. This is so pointless today when experienced mobile tyre services can come to you with any brand you require and fit any size tyre to any vehicle you have onsite or in the field. What could be more cost effective and simple. Whilst that is all happening seamlessly in your carpark or out in the field you and your staff are concentrating on what you do best.

Fleet Checks

Most modern experienced mobile tyre services also offer regular fleet checks to ensure vehicle downtime is limited. For example, our company checks hundreds of local council cars twice a month to ensure staff vehicles are driving around on legal and safe tyres. When we report to the fleet controller that there is an issue with plant number XYZ, vehicle rego XYZ we are provided with the drivers details to make contact, agree on a meeting place and time to fix or replace tyres. There is no down time, the staff love the service and we get the job done and get out of there way to get on with their job.

If your personal time is valuable to you and you want a great seamless mobile tyre service to your home so you can get on with your day, we have the answer for you.

If you wish to reduce your fleet down time and save thousands of dollars due to non-productive staff hours, then the solution is here.

The New More Convenient Way To have your New Tyres Fitted.

If you research mobile tyre companies, you will find we offer all the same services of a tyre shop and more. Mobile tyre services are not new, we are just slow adopters of the concept here in Australia. There are literally thousands of these businesses in the UK and other parts of the world and Australia is just starting to recognise the benefits of the mobile tyre service. We easily adapt to people coming to you to clean your house, wash your dog, deliver you food, so a mobile tyre fitting service to home or work should not be such a stretch.

Safe and Happy Driving

From Grant and the team at

East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates & Mobile Tyre & Auto Team

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