Tyres that reflect true “Driving emotion”

Hankook tyre’s mission statement is to provide top-of-the-line and reliable tyres to ensure an exceptional level of safety for you and your vehicles. The company thrives on its ability to deliver quality tyres for passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, aircraft, agricultural vehicles, competition cars, off-road and industrial vehicles. It’s a highly recognized global company that guarantees the safety of its customers by being positively relentless towards ensuring the high-quality of their tyres.

4WD Premium tyres by Hankook

Hankook’s take on 4WD is that the benefits of a Four-wheel drive car are as good as its design and quality. A conviction like that puts Hankook in the driving seat when the destination is providing their customers with premium 4WD tyres

The primary function of 4WD vehicles is their ability to share power with all four wheels that allow the driver to have exceptional control over their vehicles, especially on roads that are or become compromising. As one of the top tyre industries in the world, Hankook provides state-of-the-art 4WD tyres that are reliable and compatible with many 4WD vehicles. They are perfect for people that want to bring out the “Driver” in them.

    Hankook’s Passenger Tyres

    Passenger tyres are suitable for civilians that use vehicles to commute to work, short-distance travels and other common trips that require comfort and safety. Choosing Hankook tyres for such purposes ensures your and the safety of your loved ones as Hankook’s passenger tyres are widely known for providing safety, convenience and a smooth ride. Hankook’s optimistic passion towards the high-quality of their tyres allows them to create top-of-the-line passenger tyres that can exceed your driving expectations.

    Durable truck tyres by Hankook

    As a globally recognized tyre industry, Hankook is ahead of the curve when it comes to providing heavy-duty and durable tyres for various trucks. It has state-of-the-art truck tyres for multiple purposes such as long-distance travels, short-distance travels, on and off-road travels, and urban-region travels. Durability is a vital factor for any truck tyres and Hankook is widely acknowledged for providing the same for years.

    Choosing Hankook’s field-tested truck tyres ensures the safety of drivers, cargo and other valuables that your trucks carry. They offer a well-controlled ride for the drives while providing long-lasting capabilities.

    East Coast Safety Certificate is proud to represent and provide you with tyres from such a respected tyre industry. Our primary goal here is to offer you the best tyres from some of the highly recognized and reliable tyre brands, so you can figure out and choose the best ones for you.

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