With Goodyear Tyres, you drive the future

At East Coast Safety Certificate, we frequently evaluate many tyre brands to provide you with only the best. Be that as it may, there are often times that we come across a brand like Goodyear, which has a heritage of authenticity, starting off since 1898 when they first created carriage and bicycle tyres, to creating high performance 4WD tyres today.


Tyres that define cutting-edge technology and convenience

Goodyear has been providing safety in the tyre business since the time when people did not even associate safety with their vehicles. The company has always stayed ahead of the competition by using high-grade material and futuristic technology to create tyres that offer a driving experience of the future while keeping you safe in the present. Goodyear provides superior-quality tyres for 4WD & SUV vehicles (All-terrain, highway and off-road), light trucks, sports vehicles and truck tyres (long and regional haul).

4WD & SUV Tyres

Created by professionals that personally test its quality and functionality, 4WD tyres by Goodyear are widely approved and can exceed the expectations of many professional drivers.

Being the first in the business to provide their tyres for use on the moon, Goodyear prides itself with professionals that improve the safety, convenience and performance of your vehicle. The company’s passion for using the technology of the future allows them to create 4WD tyres that are highly compatible with many different vehicles.

    Passenger Tyres

    Improved braking control, mobility, performance and safety, passenger tyres by Goodyear offer many benefits for you and your vehicle. Ensuring the safety of your loved ones, going through traffic, travelling with children and more are the things that you can do without a single worry with Goodyear’s trusted passenger tyres. The company provides tyres that are well-tested and can adapt to your changing needs and requirements. They are perfect for people who are looking for a safe and well-controlled driving experience.

    Truck Tyres

    Carrying loads, passengers and other valuables on roads that are often unreliable and dangerous is a task that trucks perform on a daily basis. Professionals at Goodyear focus on that when they provide tyres created with only the best materials and technology. The company’s truck tyres are suitable for long-hauls, regional hauls, on and off-road travel, short-distance trips, and more. Goodyear’s truck tyres provide safety, convenience and pro-driver mobility, all of which ensure a smooth driving experience.

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