Gold Coast Safety Certificate Check List

With so many families migrating from other states to The Gold Coast each year (Gods Country) and Why Not as the Gold Coast is a fantastic place to be. It is always timely to explain the requirements of transferring your registration from wherever you came from to Queensland registration.

Don’t stress, get settled on the Gold Coast, get your information together. Once you are organised you will need to look up a Safety Certificate provider on the Gold Coast, most of which are mobile, Yes, they come to you like East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates “Yes That’s US”. Can I also suggest at this point you consider a little more than who is the cheapest as prices only vary $10-$15 depending on the inspector or inspection companies? To make the experience informative and hassle free, have a look at the Gold Coast Safety Certificate providers who have some longevity in the business as they tend to have the most experience and can best assist you though the process. The good ones also make themselves available should anything not go to plan at the Queensland transport office.

We often take calls into the evening and early morning assisting people who have been advised incorrectly, have mistakes made in the inspection process and can’t find the inspector they used.

Ok! you have 14 days to transfer your registration from and interstate registration to a Queensland registration. Whilst I said “don’t stress” it would make sense to do this as soon as convenient because the inspection might find some faults with your vehicle that will require fixing before you can be issued a safety certificate.

None of our inspectors on the Gold Coast or throughout South East Queensland like nocking back your vehicle. Despite the opinions of some people, they are not maniacal monsters who take delight in failing your car, quite the opposite actually, they are very qualified mums and dads who are highly regulated and scrutinized to ensure they follow the government guidelines to make sure your vehicle meets the minimum safety standard as set by Queensland Transport.

Safety Certificates on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland are a basic inspection of your vehicles roadworthiness to travel safely on Queensland Roads. To see what the inspectors cover during the inspection process please click the link to our website where we have a sample inspection sheet.

Once you have received your safety certificate, you need to take your plates and a copy of the inspection to Queensland transport. There are several locations on the Gold Coast


Located in: Burleigh Homespace

Address1 Santa Maria Ct, Burleigh Waters QLD 4220

Hours: 8.30am to 4.30pm M-Friday



Address30 Upton St, Bundall QLD 4217

Hours8.30am to 4.30pm M-Friday



Address265 Nerang St, Southport QLD 4215

Hours8.30am to 4.30pm M-Friday


Phone13 23 80


What Will My Registration Cost and What about 3rd Party Insurance?

The department of transport calculates your registration costs, and this depends on your vehicle.

To Calculate what it will cost, Queensland Transport provide a free online calculator to assist you with the costs associated with the registration of your vehicle.

Once you are all paid up and have your new pates you are on your way.

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