Drive like a professional, with Dunlop Tyres

At East Coast Safety Certificate, we are blessed with many companies that are providing some of the most top-quality tyres in the world. Dunlop Tyres is one of those companies, offering premium-quality tyre models for many different vehicles and with the goal to change the way the world drives. Like other brands that we offer at East Coast Safety Certificate, Dunlop is also a professional tyre company that provides safety, driving convenience and enhanced vehicle performance.

Pro-driver mobility, safety and a smooth ride

With the goal of becoming a great example of vehicle safety and convenience, Dunlop provides premium-quality tyres for cars, 4WD vehicles, trucks, light trucks, motorsport vehicles and motorcycles. The company has notable experience in providing safety and comfort to many vehicles by offering tyres that are well-tested and created with high-grade material. Dunlop Tyres has been thriving in the tyre business by frequently improving the quality and functionality of their tyres to suit the changing needs and requirements of many different vehicles.

4WD tyres

The advanced power of 4WD vehicles can function at its best with premium-quality and compatible tyres. Keeping that in mind, Dunlop provides field-tested 4WD tyres that are compatible with many different vehicles as they improve the safety,

pro-driver mobility and convenience of your vehicle. The company provides many 4WD tyre models to make it exciting for you to find the best one for your vehicle. Dunlop’s 4WD tyres offer a professional driving experience by improving the overall performance and safety of your vehicle.

    Passenger tyres

    Having years of experience in the business, Dunlop Tyres understands the importance of providing well-tested and top-quality passenger tyres. They are commonly used by civilians and other individuals with vehicles that are utilized for everyday routines and tasks. Passenger tyres by Dunlop are created to provide safety, driving convenience and well-controlled mobility to many casual drivers. The company provides variety with their passenger tyres to make them suitable for many different vehicles.

    Truck tyres

    Created with high-grade material and cutting-edge methods, Dunlop’s truck tyres are durable, resilient and more capable of surviving the heavy-duty tasks performed by trucks. They can easily survive the changing weather conditions, compromising roads, extra heavy loads, additional cargo and more. They are made to offer safety and well-controlled mobility to your truck and its drivers. With Dunlop’s field-tested truck tyres, your loads, valuables and other cargo always reach their destination. They are perfect for trucks that frequently perform tasks like long hauls, on and off-road travel, and regional travel.

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