Does your Steering Wheel Shake when driving or Braking

Being a mobile business with vehicles on the road all day, we experience the same signs and symptoms as our customers. Regular maintenance and reacting to the early signs of issues is the key. Vibrations from the steering wheels when driving or breaking are obvious signs there are issues with the vehicle that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Vibration from the steering wheel can mean several different issues,

5 Common Reason Your Steering Wheel Shakes

As a quick reference guide, let’s look at the more common reasons why your steering wheel may vibrate when driving of braking:

1. Unbalanced Wheels

Unless you rotate your wheels regularly, tyre can wear unevenly. The tyres are designed to take the weight of the vehicle evenly; however, tyres can wear unevenly shifting the balance of weight distribution unevenly across the tyres. If the tyres wear unevenly the rolling circumference of the tyres can be all different which can create a vibration under speed.

Other simple balancing issues like losing a balance weight whilst driving can also create vibration issues.

This issue can easily be fixed by a tyre service like Mobile Tyre and Auto team Ormeau who can rebalance and rotate all tyres quickly and conveniently at your home creating a smooth, safe, and more comfortable ride.

2. Worn or damaged Wheel Bearings

In most vehicle designs, bearings secure the wheel hub to the vehicle’s suspension, allowing the wheels to turn correctly. Over time bearings like most mechanical components will wear and depending on the driving conditions, hot poles hit, or rough terrain will depend on the life of the bearing. If your steering wheel shakes when turning, or there is low drowning nose, your wheel bearings may require repacking with grease and adjusted. However, if the bearings are too badly worn, they will need replacing. Another way to check if the bearings are worn is to jack the vehicle up so that the tyre is slightly off the ground. Put two hands over the top of the tyre and pull and push the tyre and wheel. If there is movement or a clunk when you wobble the rim, you need to have the bearings and front suspension checked and serviced. Mobile Tyre & Auto Team offer this service across Southeast Queensland for your convenience.

Suspension issues are something to be taken seriously as they can affect the performance and safety of the vehicle.

3. Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

Wheel alignments are another important front end and steering function of the vehicle. Wheel alignments should be conducted with every change of tyres as a minimum and checked regularly at each service interval.

Tell-tale signs that your vehicle requires an alignment is.

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Pulling to one side when driving
  • Tyre noise when turning corners at pace.
  • A feeling of lack of control when manoeuvring in the wet

The frequency requirements for wheel alignments is dependent on road conditions travelled and driver style most of the time. If you travel on unsealed roads, hit gutters or potholes, your need for an alignment is greater. The alignment is designed to have the maximum amount of tread on the road under suitable driving speeds and conditions. If the alignment is out or gets knocked out, the accuracy of your steering is diminished. Most front-end abnormalities like alignments can cause vibration issues through the steering wheel.

Listen to your car and have Mobile Tyre & Auto Team come to you to diagnose and fix your vehicle.

4. Brake Problems

If your steering wheel shakes when braking, it is a tell-tale sign that your discs and or drums are worn and have lost shape and warped. As you can appreciate, if a disc or drum is out of round, as it spins and brake pads are being pressed against it, there are going to be high and low spots causing a vibration through the steering wheel as the brakes try to slow the car.

As the warped components get worse, the brake pedal will bounce violently along with the vibration in the steering wheel. Braking distances will also be affected as less pad is able to make contact with the discs or drums.

Before it gets to his point, call Mobile Tyre & Auto Team to come out to you and fit onsite new pads and rotors.

5. Suspension Issues

The suspension system is made up of shock absorbers/struts, ball joints, coils, springs, and other components to help maintain the relationship between the vehicle’s body and wheels. Ultimately, this relationship helps make your vehicle smoother to ride and easier to steer.

The shock absorbers for example holds pressure to the front wheel and hub assembly, maintaining the tyres contact with the road. When shock absorbers become worn or lose the ability to hold the tyre onto the ground, they bounce up and down as you drive causing steering vibrations. This issue will also create the scalloping effect on the surface of the tyre and premature wear.

There are several front-end components, that if worn will cause play or movement between components that should not move. This will be felt directly by the driver who needs to seek advice from Mobile Tyre & Auto Team as soon as they notice any unusual vibrations or sound, saving potential additional costs.

If you hear unusual sounds or feel vibrations through the steering wheel, play it safe and call Mobile Tyre & Auto Team to come out and quickly check and repair you vehicle to keep you and your family safe on the roads.

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