Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection and Buy With Confidence!

  The only way to be sure that you are buying a car that is going to give you what you paid for, is to have a pre-purchase inspection completed by experienced and reputable mechanics that specialise in this area. Time and time again the trust of people can bring…

Why is a Pre-Purchase Inspection so Important?

  When people turn up to have a look at a potential vehicle purchase, the seller will have normally washed and polished the car, so it presents well to the potential buyer. There is nothing wrong with this of course however looks aren’t everything, and you need to look under…

A Pre-Purchase Inspection Is A Must

  In the summer months there is a real increase in cars that are bought and sold in Queensland. The inquiries for pre-purchase inspections have increased, however I have people shopping around for price rather than asking about our experience and what we cover during the inspection. Whilst I realise…
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