Austyre: Engineered in Australia, for Australian roads

At East Coast Safety Certificate, we always strive to offer the best of brands to our customers. One of our most esteemed tyre brands is Austyre, a company that has over 50 years of experience in providing various premium-quality tyre models for many different vehicles. Tyres by Austyre are exceptionally compatible with multiple vehicles as they enhance their performance while offering safety, durability and a convenient driving experience.

Improved performance, safety and variety

Having gained the trust of many customers, Austyre has always kept itself up to date with the cutting-edge developments in the tyre industry while always providing tyres that offer the functionality of the future. The company is praised by customers due to its ability to provide exceptional variety with their tyres as they offer many models based on the need or requirements of your vehicle. An economical tyre company that promises safety, convenience and a smooth driving experience, Austyre is beneficial for you and your vehicles in more ways than one.

4WD & SUV tyres

As most of you know, the quality of tyres can play an important role in the performance of 4WD and SUV vehicles. Having been in this industry for 50 years, Austyre provides highly compatible 4WD & SUV tyres that offer durability with great performance at a reduced noise.

    Passenger Tyres

    Austyre’s range of passenger tyres is known to offer better water dispersion and higher wet traction, making them a delight to drive around on for your everyday errands. All their tyres are tested for safety and perfection by experts, so that you can have the best drive in all types of traffic, including compromising driving situations and more, at an affordable price.

    Truck Tyres

    Drive down on interstate highways and country roads with truck tyres from Austyre, which offer superior dry and wet handling, and exceptional wear resistance, coupled with good mileage and good off road performance. These tyres are designed to adapt to changing road conditions, while giving you the best drive experience.

    East Coast Safety Certificate retails the best models from Austyre’s Passenger, 4WD and truck tyre range. You can also avail mobile tyre fitting services, if you choose to order from us.

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