Own your ride, with Austone tyres

At East Coast Safety Certificate, we like to offer top-quality tyres at a fair price range, and this is why we bring you a selection of some of the finest tyre brands in the marketing today. We cannot miss out on Austone Tires, an award-winning brand that offers great value for money.

Versatile & cost-effective

Austone was the result of cooperation between the American technology pioneer, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company and the Chinese tyre manufacturer, Shandong Chengshan Group. Exporting tyres to over 100 countries, Austone has strengthened its reputation by regularly upgrading the quality of their tyres, whether it is in the form of tread patterns or using the most advanced production techniques. The brand is known to give special attention to the structure, material and durability of tyres, while also keeping them budget-friendly.

4WD & SUV tyres

Created with cutting edge material and methods, Austone’s 4WD & SUV tyres add a futuristic element to many different vehicles by enhancing their mobility and ensuring the safety of the driver.

4WD vehicles need reliable tyres that can handle the power of their advanced engines, and Austone tyres meet that need. All of its 4WD tyres are inspected for durability, traction and performance.

    Passenger Tyres

    Designed to offer good fuel economy and comfort at an affordable price, Austone more than meets the basic requirements of good passenger tyres. Most of its passenger tyres offer a perfect blend of good mileage, making it budget friendly as well as eco friendly. The well designed tread patterns not only contribute to durability, but also helps to reduce the heat generated and energy loss. The company’s well-tested passenger tyres are compatible with sedans, small SUVs and many other vehicles.

    Truck Tyres

    As a company that always keeps customer requirements on top priority, Austone has a variety of tyre options for trucks and buses, categorized by their purpose – long haul, on road / off road or regional driving. These durable and premium-quality tyres offer safety and convenience on roads that are popular for always causing the opposite. Manufactured with quality materials and cutting-edge technology, Austone’s truck tyres are a smart choice to ensure the safety of your loads, drivers, other cargo and passengers.

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