Go the distance with Apollo’s premium-quality tyres

Founded in 1972, Apollo is one of the most popular tyre brands today for being one of the most reliable providers of premium quality tyres, and has a presence in 40 countries across the globe. It is one of the top tyre companies in the world, with a reputation for providing quality tyres that you can rely on. With Apollo, you can enjoy safety, exceptional mobility and a comfortable driving experience at a friendly price.

High-grade 4WD tyres

When it comes to 4WD tyres, Apollo has always been one step ahead than the rest of the tyre companies. Apollo is widely known for creating state-of-the-art 4WD tyres that provide safety, pro-driver mobility and convenience that keeps you comfortable and protect your vehicle.

Apollo’s 4WD tyres are tested by the professionals to ensure their compatibility with many 4WD vehicles, making them a great choice for people that want to learn or live the amazing experience of professional drivers.

    Passenger Tyres

    When it comes to city commutes, you want a set of tyres that not are not only highly responsive, but also durable and reliable from a safety point of view. Apollo passenger tyres are designed for fuel efficiency, making them the perfect companion for your car and bikes within the city.

    Truck Tyres

    Apollo tyres earned its notable reputation by ensuring the functionality of their tyres more times than their customers. The company has years of experience in providing high-quality tyres for trucks, improving the mobility and convenience of many trucks and their drivers. Their well-tested tyres allow them to enhance the capability of your truck while also making sure that tyres are more than capable of handling the loads that trucks usually carry, especially on roads that may compromise their safety. Apollo’s truck tyres are durable, long-lasting and always get you to your destination.

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