What Are the Advantages of Mobile Safety Certificate Inspections

Queensland has the highest rate of interstate migration in Australia. More and more people see the light and realise they no longer need to be in major cities to do their job. We receive thousands of calls every year from people needing a mobile roadworthy certificate due to interstate migration.

Mobile roadworthy certificates are provided in Queensland by a qualified team of inspectors. East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates have been offering this service to the public for 17 years. Mobile Roadworthy certificates are and easy and convenient way to transfer your interstate registration for all your cars as well as other vehicles. Rather than making an appointment at a workshop and dropping your car off, mobile roadworthy companies like East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates come to you and provide the exact same inspection at a time and place convenient to you, How simple is that?

What are the reasons you need a Mobile Roadworthy Certificate

Interstate transfers are not the only reason you need a Mobile Roadworthy Inspection.  If you’re buying, selling, re-registering or transferring a vehicle, it’s a requirement to have the vehicle inspected. This is important to remember in Queensland and fines apply to people who sell their vehicles without a Safety Certificate or Roadworthy Certificate which happen to be the same thing.

The law states that you must transfer your vehicle within 14 days of moving to Queensland. I have no idea how this would be policed, and it seems more like a friendly nudge to remind you to do this in a timely manner, rather than a big stick.

At East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates, we provide mobile Roadworthy Certificates for a large range of vehicles. Most might only consider the family sedan or SUV, however East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates provide a mobile Roadworthy service for

  • Trucks
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Trailers for Boats, jet skis, cars, trucks, food vans
  • Trailers over 4.5 tonne
  • COI’s for Trucks
  • COI’s for Ride Share (Uber etc)
  • Motorbikes
  • Caravans
  • Cars of all ages
  • Vintage Cars & Bike
  • Classic Cars & Bikes
  • Hot Rods
  • SUV
  • 4WD
  • And More

Moving interstate, buying or selling your vehicle can be a stressful time. You have a lot on your mind, house, family, work etc. Mobile Roadworthy Inspections are designed to take the vehicle transfer stress away. Simply call or book online with East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates or google mobile roadworthy Inspection near me and we will make the whole process simple and stress free.

Worried if your vehicle will pass the Roadworthy inspection?

The Mobile Roadworthy inspection is a basic measurement of the vehicle’s safety at the time of the inspection. At East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates, we don’t want to see your car fail the Roadworthy inspection. Whilst there is an inspection code document that inspection companies must follow on Queensland Transport’s Website, it is a bit convoluted for the non-mechanic in places. If you want to know what is required to pass a mobile Roadworthy Inspection call East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates and our friendly staff will rattle it off for you, give you some friendly tips and get your vehicle passed as soon as possible. Please remember, our business is to understand the guidelines and help you through them to achieve a safe and happy result. Inspectors and inspection companies are not there to help you get around rules or bend the legislation.

No More Wasted Time & Money

Most Mobile Roadworthy inspections take around 45 minutes. The inspection time is the same, whether provided by a workshop or a Mobile Roadworthy Inspection service, Where you save yourself time and money is the time you take to drive to a workshop and wait for the inspection to be completed. With everyone getting busier and busier, what price do you place on time?

A mobile Roadworthy just makes sense.

How do you order and receive food these days (uber)?

There is a boom in convenience services today because of the ease of doing business and people being time poor. I don’t want to spend an hour or two at a workshop when I could be at home with family and friends.

Hassle Free Steps in Acquiring your Roadworthy Certificate

Before you book a Mobile Roadworthy Inspection

  • Check your service history of the car. Has the mechanic left any notes from the last service that may need attention before the inspection?
  • If you don’t have any service history, take the time to have a good look at your vehicle.
    • Are there any oil spots on the ground where the car is normally parked?
    • Are there chips and cracks in the windscreen?
    • Are all the lights and blinkers working?
    • Are there cracks in the taillights or lenses?
    • Are your front lights hazed over and yellowish?
    • Do your windows work?
    • Do all the instruments work in the car?
    • Do all doors open and close?
    • Are there any warning lights on the dash?
    • Are there rust holes in the body?
    • Does the car start?
    • Are the tyres inflated?
    • Is there 1.5 mm of tread across the whole tread of the tyre, not just one area.
    • Do your brakes make any sounds when applying pressure to the pedal?
    • Is there damage to the seats or roof lining?
    • Does the horn work?
    • Do the seat belts retract?
    • Are the seatbelts damaged or fraying?
    • Are all mirrors in place?
    • Is the battery Secure?
    • Is there peeling or bubbling tint on the windows?

The above is not a copy of a Roadworthy Certificate Inspection, it is simply a basic check list you could do at home before booking a Mobile Roadworthy Inspection. Other areas like suspension, bearings and mechanical components need to be check by an inspector. However, using the above guide to be prepared will save you time and money checking the little things prior.

All the above examples are what to look out for before booking a mobile Roadworthy Inspection. If you spot any of the above, please East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates and we will discuss some home fixes and what else maybe required.

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