Benefits of Mobile Tyre Fitting – Extremely Convenient

With more and more cars coming out with no spare tyre and the rest with only a space saver tyre, the benefit of mobile tyre fitting is becoming more and more prevalent. No one wants to be caught on the side of the road at any time of the day with a flat tyre and no way to change it. 10 Years ago, there was hardly a mobile tyre service anywhere to be seen in Australia but now the benefits of a mobile tyre fitting service are becoming recognised as the norm.

Whilst there are still some people who have not tried the service and remain sceptical, the benefits of mobile tyre fitting are spreading like wildfire.

It is hard to imagine all equipment that you see in traditional tyre shops being in the back of a van, but those are the facts. The Benefit of mobile tyre fitting is that the equipment used in the van is the same as what is used at a traditional tyre shop. Vans Carry fitting machines, tyre balancers and some mobile tyre fitters like us at East Coast Mobile also carry wheel alignment machines. Yes that is right, we carry the latest alignment machines to improve tyre performance and wear.

If the benefits of Mobile Tyre Fitting sound too good to be true, then you should try if for yourself. At East Coast we have access to all the major brands at competitive prices. Unlike the major on-line players such as Tyroola and Tyresales, we can fit tyres on the same day or next day, the same brands and the same prices. The online retailers must ask mobile fitting services and tyre shops to fit for them for them. With an additional set of hands in the process and not buying locally, there is very little follow up and no direct customer contact. The benefits of mobile tyre fitting services are face to face customer service.

Literally you have one on one customer service to your door. Simply call your local mobile tyre Service or book online, talk to our friendly staff and match a tyre or service to your needs. Choosing the right tyre to your driving needs is very important and our experienced staff and technicians are always willing to assist.

The Benefits of Mobile Tyre Fitting

Mobile Tyre Fitting is more than just the fitting, as they can do repairs as well. From cars to trucks to tractors, caravans and trailer, a mobile tyre service can come to you and fix most tyres and get you on your way. Eradicate all the stress of scheduling an appointment and then going to get the work done at a traditional tyre store and simple call a mobile tyre service to get you on your way.

Understanding Your Tyres

Having a trained and experience professional fitters is a key benefit of a mobile tyre fitting service. Having a one-on-one tyre expert looking and your car is incredibly important in keeping you and your car safe. There are many forms of damage that can happen to your tyre that you should be aware of as they are all dangerous

Sidewall Fracture

This is only noticeable on the outside of the tyre unless you are checking the inside of the tyre. It is one of the most dangerous damage issues you can be driving around on. It appears as a golf ball size protrusion out of the sidewall of the tyre. What has happened is the sidewall of the tyre has split or given way and air is trying to escape, causing the golf ball type to bulge. This protrusion only has a thin layer of rubber between the tyre and the road which could give out at any time and result in a blowout. Most of the time there will be no warning, just the explosion as the tyre fails.

These sidewall fractures and manly due to heavy impact to the side of the tyre like potholes and gutters. If the car hits anything like these hard, it would be worth checking your tyres for damage.


Split Tyre

Split tyres can also be due to a heavy impact, however maybe a result of running over or into a sharp object. Again, Check you tyres as this can be difficult to see as splits will close up and may remain unseen to the untrained eye.



This is the most common puncture people experience and provided the puncture is in the tread pattern, can be fixed easily.

Nail or Bolt That is Still Lodged In The Tyre

This is very common when you drive in areas where new houses are being built and again can be fixed by removing the object and repairing the puncture.

Sidewall Damage

This is usually the result of a pothole or turning into a driveway too early or running over debris.

Tread Separation

To identify this, it looks like the tread is lifting off the tyre. This is normally due to a manufacturing fault or the age of the tyre.

Alignment Damage

If your car tends to pull to one side or you run your tyres on too lower pressure, you could be wearing your tyres dangerously low. Tyres can look like new on one edge and have the internals hanging out the other side ready to explode. The benefits of a mobile tyre fitting is that we check all your tyres when we visit. We are not scouting for extra sales, we are using our experience to look for tyre damage and report it to you.

Cracking Due to Age or Lack Of Use.

Cost Effective

Mobile tyre fitting is a very cost-effective option. People are time poor and Mobile Tyre Fitting businesses are there to assist in giving some time back to you. If you look at the time is takes to take your car somewhere for tyre fitment, the time spent waiting or being picked up and dropped off you could be home continuing with your routine.  Mobile tyre Fitting service are cost effective, quick, convenient and simply make sense.

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