A Rapidly Changing World Needs Mobile Services

In today’s uncertain times with Covid-19 dominating our daily lives, people have had to change the way they work. Most people are working from home to maintain social distancing and to keep safe.

Whilst working from home is not new for some, it is for others. For me it always made sense that with today’s modern communication methods, battling traffic and peak hour on trains and busses only to go to a room to set up your laptop you brought from home is crazy.

In my corporate life in Sydney I used to pack up my laptop and mobile phone, both of which had full internet, email and Head Office access to complete any work necessary. I would then drive an hour in traffic to run to my office stressed, to unpack my laptop and sit in a box so my boss could ensure I was at work. Ten hours of my week were non- productive hours. Non- productive for me personally and non- productive for the company I worked for.

work and stay home

What Can we Learn from Covid-19

There are many lessons to be learnt from the new world under Covid-19 and one of them is making the most of your day. Using computers, mobile phones and the infinite Apps & applications that are already in place, we can be more productive. Companies need to rethink their methods of communication and how they work with their staff, so everyone has a more productive and fulfilling life.

Change is never easy and nor will it be perfect. Companies need to think about why they are paying their staff. Is it about how many hours they sit in an office, or should it be for their productivity?  Having a task focused company is really the way of the future for business. It is about working smarter, not harder, more efficiently, not just doing the same old thing because that is the way it has always been done. Employers and businesses need to be task focused and set realistic task goals for staff who need to meet these daily or weekly objectives. Due to the current circumstances that Covid-19 has forced us into, millions of people are now working from home and need to be task focused. People need to plan their work and home life to achieve the tasks they need to achieve in their daily lives. Now we live and operate in a emergence of family, education, and household duties under one roof. Planning work, kids and home life are very important to allow you to be successful in all these areas.

Plan & Be Task Focused

We have been running a task focus business for many years now. Our day to day attention is not only setting tasks and goals for our mobile team, but also focusing on how we make it easier for the customer to fit our services into their day to day lives with minimal disruption, if any at all. We have removed the boring choir of taking your car to be serviced, repaired or to have tyres replaced to a streamline non- contact, no loss of time mobile service to your door. Now more than ever with everyone forced to stay at home can people see the simplicity of the service which does not cost you precious time.

task focused

Online and Mobile Services are the Future

Mobile Mechanical Services and Mobile Tyre Services are not new in the world; however, they have somewhat played second choice to the bricks and mortar tyre and mechanical businesses that are backed by major tyre corporations. For major tyre corporations tyre stores are currently the bulk of their sales and where they are continuing to market. They remain focused on discounting, and sure everyone loves a bargain, but they have lost focus on the real end game and that is service. You can give a free tyre away or a percentage off a mechanical or logbook service, but they cannot give you back the most precious thing of all and that is your time.

Hey! I just saved $50 at Bridgestone but I missed lunch with the family or your child’s first try at footie or winning a race at nippers.

We all have limited time on this earth, and we need to plan and prioritise what are the important things in your life.

mobile car services

Booking Online 24/7

To save you time and make life easier, we have developed an online booking service which allows you to simply go online, place your enquiry or booking into our online booking form 24hrs a day 7 days a week, and we will confirm very quickly your booking and time. Our booking team are fast, experienced and friendly and will go out of their way to see that we cause no disruption to your day. All our experienced technicians call when on route to your home and only need the keys and your car.

Guaranteed & Fully Backed by Major Manufacturers

All our services and parts are backed by manufactures warranties and comprehensive insurances. We use only premium brands the same as most the bricks and mortar stores. We can also supply any brand tyre competitive with all bricks and mortar stores. However, our service comes with the added bonus of time, and a benefit that no store can match “Convenience”.


No Tyre or Mechanical Store can Compete with a Mobile Business

No tyre store can match the convenience of a mobile mechanical or a mobile tyre service. Everything else like parts and tyres are by and large a level playing field, but only a mobile tyre and mechanical service can offer online bookings and service to your door with NO loss of time to you.

To make it more convenient for our customers we prompt you when your service or tyres are required by sending you a friendly reminder. Simply respond to the reminder by booking on line and we will reply with your service details, price and time. What could be simpler?

At Mobile Tyre & Auto Team we continue to invest into more convenient ways to interact with our customers. We understand that people are making more and more online inquiries and bookings to take back their lives. Giant retailers like Myers, Target and Kmart are being forced to change and change rapidly due to the growth of online shops and services. The tyre and mechanical market is no different and mobile mechanics and mobile tyre businesses are growing rapidly to meet our customers’ demands. So make the change and look us up online at safetycertificates.com.au or mobiletyreandautoteam.com.au

Stay Safe & Healthy

From Grant & the Team at East Coast Mobile

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team

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