A Pre-Purchase Inspection Is A Must


In the summer months there is a real increase in cars that are bought and sold in Queensland. The inquiries for pre-purchase inspections have increased, however I have people shopping around for price rather than asking about our experience and what we cover during the inspection.

Whilst I realise money does not grow on trees and it is important not to waste your hard erned cash it could be a false economy. Going cheap in this situation to save $20 or $50 rather than reasearching experienced of the companies normally costs you soon after the purchase.  Some people really do their homework and ask the right questions and enjoy the thorough and friendly service our team has to offer.

Below is a report sent to the parents of a potential buyer who wanted what a lot of young guys desire, being a Suburu. Unfortunately the inspector found $1000’s of dollars of issues that would need to be rectified in order to make the car safe and provide any sort of trouble free driving.

When you read the notes our experienced inspector has made in terms of the oil smelling burnt and the noise that is coming from the motor and gearbox, this car has serious issues that would require a potential stripping of the motor to replace rings and other components.

Clearly you want an inexperience mechanic looking at cars like this as it would have been a very expensive mistake had they not had the pre-purchase inspection. For a couple of hundered dollars our team can save you thousands and invariably we do. This is because we have been conducting pre-purchase inspections on vehicles for over 18 years. That is the sort of information you need to know when looking for a pre-purchase inspection company, not wether you can save $20.


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Above is minimum list we work through and supplied to the potential purchaser. We have pre-purchase inspection sheets for cars, trucks, vans, motorbikes and more. These sheets merely highlight an issue that our team investigates further. Noisy motors and low oil levels indicates a couple of things like

  • Poor maintenance
  • Oil is being burnt whilst driving
  • Smelly oil also indicates the motor is burning oil and or has been running hot.
  • This may also be tied to the coolant leak which may have caused the engine to run hot.

From an overall perspective, all the signs point to a car that has been poorly maintained and has not had regular professional care. In this case the seller could not bother to give the car a minor service which may have hid the burning oil issue initially. The brake fluid is old and has not been changed. This sort of thing screams out “don’t buy the car”.

Normally sellers try to hide things buy doing a quick clean up and service. Our experienced inspectors are aware of this and when the waft of burnt oil hits their nose, they let the car run longer to see what happens. This can result in the car blowing smoke, engine noises and overheating.




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Rust on the seat bar. Was there water in the car at some stage

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The above are examples of the detail our inspectors go too, in order to show you what they have found and investigated.
Wires cut off from the battery would indicate a component was attached to the vehicle and then removed. Does it still have some power drain to the car?Was the item removed properly or will it create a fault code and electrical issue down the track. Clearly if it was removed correctly, there would not be loose wires sitting around the battery.

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The above shots show leaking coolant around the motor which requires investigation and repair.

As a company and family business, we don’t want to see people get ripped off, as there are more sharks on land than there is in the sea in Queensland. It is our job to work for you to ensure that you buy a good vehicle and not a lemon.

When you call us to book a pre-purchase inspection, we need

  • Your Name and contact
  • The name and address of the seller
  • The vehicle Registration
  • If it is a private or dealer sale

We will contact with the seller and make all the arrangements to have the vehicle inspected in a time frame suitable to both parties.

Once the inspection is completed the mechanic will make contact and take you through what he has uncovered. The report will be formulated and sent to you via email, including as many pictures the inspector deemed necessary.

When looking for a company with experience, that will save you from buying a lemon and costing you thousands, ask them some simple questions.

  • How many years have they been conducting inspections,
  • How many inspectors do they have and what aeas they cover.
  • What is the experience of the inspectors and how long have they been working for the company.
  • Have they had experience in inspecting the type of vehicles you are looking to buy.
  • Ask for some copies or examples of reports.

Happy and Safe Driving!

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