5 Reasons Why you should have your Mechanic come to you

Time and time again customers tell us how busy their lives are with growing families.

At East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates, we are a family run business with a young family of our own, so we understand. That is why we have developed our all-encompassing Mobile Mechanical Service. To explain the benefits of a mobile mechanical service, below are 5 quick reasons why you should have a mobile mechanic come to you.

Time Saving

The average person lives for 27,375 days and surprisingly, I have used about 20,075 days. Like most people I can honestly say that some days were wasted doing things I did not want to. I guess we all have things we don’t want to do but the secret is limiting those days as much as possible and increasing the days that really count. The last thing anyone wants to do is waste any more days when there is a better way that allows you to reclaim your life from those mundane tasks.

In my 20,075 days so far, I have not met anyone who wakes excited about spend part of my day at a mechanical workshop and nor should you. Mobile mechanics are a fantastic alternative, where the mechanic comes to your home or work, completes the service or repair, explains the service and leaves. In the meantime, you may have spent time with the family, caught a movie, relaxed, gone for a walk, read a book, or whatever counts for you.

Although you have added another day to your tally, you have used your day doing what counts for you.

No Nasty Surprises

A common complaint amongst our new customers is that they felt previous service providers had completed additional work and charged more without consulting them prior.

There should be no excuse for doing additional work without consulting the customer. However, I DO understand the predicament of the mechanic. He or she is presented with a vehicle and is asked to complete a service or repair. During the process of the repair or service other issues may present themselves that would be cost effective to fix at the same time or a safety issue that requires fixing. These things happen daily, and it is not the fault of the mechanic as cars, trucks and other vehicles are a complex piece of machinery. The problem can be that the mechanic cannot get hold of you because you are somewhere where you can’t answer your phone. In this case the mechanic might make a judgement call and fix the additional issues found.

Using a mobile mechanic can take that issue away, as he is normally at your place of work or home and can easily communicate with you on any issues that may arise. At that point you can decide on whether to proceed or not. Our mobile mechanics are more than happy to impart their knowledge and experience onto our customers in simple terms or in plain language. No additional work will be completed by our team unless you give permission.

Building a Relationship Saves Money

Building a relationship with your mobile mechanic who builds important service history about your vehicle is very important.

Choosing an experienced Mobile Mechanic and continuing to book him/her to look after your vehicle on a regular basis can save you time and money. When a Mobile mechanic has a history of working on your vehicle, he will have a better idea of what is required before he even turns up. The cost savings by not spending time googling and looking up service data for mechanics that have not touched your car before, is significant over time. When you send your car to a dealership for example, they may have 20 mechanics on duty and not allocate the same one to your car at any stage. In this scenario, if there is any other issue that is particular to your car, 9 times out of 10 it won’t be attended to.

Your regular mobile mechanic and our office admin staff keep a detailed log of the work performed on your vehicle. This saves you time and money and ensures all the little items particular to your car are attended to.

Your New Car Warranty is Maintained

Dealerships have run ongoing scare campaigns trying to falsely convince the public that their new car warranty will be void if you don’t take the vehicle back to the dealership. This is simply not true and providing your mobile mechanic is using warranted parts that meet Australian standards, your warranty will stay intact. Don’t be fooled by flashy salesmen at dealerships who are telling you different stories. If any salesman tells you that your warranty is void if you don’t use them, simply ask for it in writing and see how quickly they back off.


Convenience is a major factor when deciding to book any service. After all it can hardly be truly called a service if it is not convenient. If you don’t have to use two drivers to drop a vehicle to a workshop and then do the same thing later in the day to pick it up, is not a convenience to most people.

Having an experienced mobile mechanic booked through a central office, confirmed prior and followed up after the service, at a location suitable to you, sounds infinitely more convenient.

East Coast Mobile Safety Certificates have experience Mobile Mechanics covering South East Queensland. We are also mobile tyre fitters to further add to the convenience of booking with East Coast Mobile. We not only come to your home or work, we can save you another trip to the tyre store by supplying and fitting all major brands and budget tyres at a time convenient to you.

Happy and Safe Driving!

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