5 Reasons to Use a Mobile Mechanic

Avoiding a breakdown on the side of a freeway is not on your mind every day, but it is certainly a situation you want to avoid without doubt.  Have you ever been driving far from home and your car makes a noise or a shudder that you have never heard or felt before? I’m sure most of us have at some stage. If you are like me, if this happens your first words are “Oh No” and you hope that the car will fix itself and everything will be ok. When the problem continues, you stare at the dash indicators to see what it might be. You consider what you will be late for, how you are going to get home, where is a mechanic you could call, and you hope you don’t need a tow truck.

If you have children in the car, you will need to get them to a safe location, near toilets and food. There is a lot to consider if your car breaks down.

If you are feeling that your car is not operating as it should, here are some helpful tips that could save you money

  1. At the first sign of any issue, look at your dashboard gauges and see what if anything is flashing at you. Take a photo of any red lights as this information will be very helpful when speaking with the mechanic.
  2. Have a look at the temperature gauge and check it is not past the halfway point, if it is much higher than the three-quarter point or on the red, carefully find a safe place to pull over before major damage is caused.
  3. If the steering is heavy or you think the tyres feel bumpy or load, again, carefully and slowly find a safe place to pull over.
  4. If it’s safe pullover, put the park brake on, place the gearshift in park, turn the ignition off and hop out and check your tyres, also see if anything is heavily leaking from under the car.
  5. Note anything unusual as you will need to relay as much information to the mobile mechanical service, so they can bring the required parts to fix the issue.
  6. If you know how, you can pop the bonnet and see if there is anything obvious happening like, smoke, steam or a loose cable.
  7. Do not take the radiator cap off or the lid to the cooling system as this could cause pressured steam to escape and cause severe burns to you and others.
  8. It is important that you know the registration of your vehicle and or make, model and year.

If it is a tyre issue, you need to find the tyre size on the sidewall so the mobile tyre van can bring the right size.

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1. Call a Mobile Mechanic Not a Tow Truck

If your car breaks down or experiences any number of the issues above leaving you stranded and unable to drive the vehicle, it is best to call a mobile mechanic. Either way you look at it, you are going to pay to have your car fixed. Paying for a tow truck only adds to the cost which can be totally unnecessary. I realise that if it is after hours or in the country these can be an exception to the rule. Tow trucks have a place however they can cost hundreds, which can be a major part of your repair bill or a replacement tyre cost.

In this mobile world, mobile mechanics and mobile tyre companies are the sensible choice.

2. Convenient & Hassle-Free Service

There are a growing number of mobile mechanics out there to choose from. If you have time and it is not urgent, check their experience online before booking. Most that have invested in a website and marketing are serious operators and this is a great place to start. If you are broken down, ask if there are any call out or after-hours fees before booking anyone. Most people would expect there to be an after-hours rate or a weekend rate. Once this is established you need to pass on all relevant information to the mechanic to give them an idea of what they are dealing with before he gets there. This will allow the mobile mechanic to bring suitable parts and equipment to get you on the road. No detail is too small however the imperative information is

  • Make Model of the Car
  • Registration number
  • Describe the issue
  • Identify what dash warning lights that came on and might be still on.
  • Petrol or diesel car
  • Is your car 2 wheel or 4-wheel drive.

Like any breakdown or major fault in a car, it’s impossible to quote until a full diagnosis is completed. So, if you want to know what the end price will be over the phone, this will be impossible. You need to understand what the hourly rate is so you have an idea of what you will be liable to pay. As a very rough rule of thumb $100-$140 per hour would cover most mobile mechanical services.

3. No Interruption to your Day

Mobile Mechanical Services are not just used for breakdowns. They are used as the most convenient way to have your cars serviced. When you book your car in for a mobile mechanical service, you simply get on with your day. If you have a family BBQ on or you are simply relaxing at home, your mobile mechanical service comes to you and gets your vehicle ship shape and hassle free until the next service. Catch up with friends, catch up on domestic chores or go to lunch, it’s your choice as the day is yours. Don’t spend your precious hours driving to a workshop and waiting for hours Or catching an expensive taxi or Uber home and then back again.

I realise that mechanical workshops have been around for so long people just naturally think that is what they must do. That is simply not the case anymore. 25 years ago, diagnostic equipment was the size of 2 drink vending machines on wheels. Today most electronic equipment used on cars and trucks is no bigger than 2 x I-Phone 7”s. So, there is no need to be concerned about a mobile mechanical service not having all the correct equipment because that is not the case anymore.

4. Mobile Mechanical Services Save You Money

You don’t pay anymore for a mobile mechanical service to come to you than you would in a workshop. In fact, due to lower over heads, mobile mechanical services can be more competitive. However, the biggest saving is your time, whether it is for a family car or your car is part of a larger fleet.

It should be easy for companies to measure the non-productive hours spent shuffling cars from office to workshop, from workshop to office. The costs to companies will be ten’s of thousands or hundreds of thousands over time. If there is a breakdown you will then need to call the RACQ or another breakdown company. Why? If you find an experience mobile mechanical service who already has a breakdown service, they will know exactly what’s happening with the vehicle if they are doing the regular servicing. This will be another cost and time saving for your company.

5. A Quicker & More Convenient Service

  • Book online Facebook or via phone
  • A time and location convenient to you
  • No Loss or personal time
  • No loss of work time
  • All services available
  • Quick response
  • Breakdown service
  • Mobile fleet servicing
  • Mobile Tyre replacement
  • Mobile Diagnostic
  • Email & SMS service reminders
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality part and full warranties

Mobile Mechanical, Servicing and Tyres, the future of the mechanical Industry.

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